Every security guard in the industry is not the same. Every security guard does not have weapons, patrol dogs and knowledge of surveillance cameras. They differ as per their job requirements. If you carefully go through the security licence course in Sydney, you would get to know the fact that each security officer works in a particular field of work which requires proper knowledge and expertise to survive in the industry. Therefore, in order to procure a suitable training in a particular field of the industry, one should know about the various types of security guard courses available in the market.

Training For Personal Security Officer

Have you ever heard about Bodyguards? Yes, they are the designated personal security officers. While you procure security licence training in Sydney, you can choose to be trained as a professional bodyguard whose main job is to protect an individual from various threats and disturbing criminal activities. Usually, the security licence course in Sydney teaches its students to escort their clients from one place to another and stay alert in order to save them from any kind of mishap.


Training For Residential Security Officer

The approach and job description of a residential security officer is way different than that of a bodyguard. A residential security officer is usually taught to protect and guard a particular house, colony or residential area. When a trainee joins a security licence course in Sydney, he or she gets the proper guidance in evolving into a trained security officer. All the residential security officers are assigned with the task of responsibility of protecting the residents of the procured area.

Training For Corporate Security Officer


The corporate security officer is the one who is trained in protecting a corporate sector on the go. The security licence training in Sydney provides the advent to acquiring proper knowledge and getting a job in areas like shopping malls, hospitals, banks, schools, and major private organizations, their main prospect is to protect company assets, personal information and the people of the particular organization.

Therefore, if you are willing to enroll yourself in any kind of security training in Sydney, then make sure that you visit the Alpha Beta College. Here you would get to choose from a huge variety of security officer training courses which would help you excel in your field.

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